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Using your feminine Sensuality to Dispel/release limiting belief

Updated: Jan 11

Allowing your limiting beliefs and dreams to exist in one realms utilizing discernment on which reality or perspective gets to have precedence over you.

When I think about the feminine I think about just being, fully surrendering and being present within your own sensuality; what your feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling without the restrictions of your mind or ego. In order to fully cultivate the skills to navigate certain energies related to limiting beliefs, you have to fully succumb to the energy within without resisting. As stated earlier in the article, re writing your limiting beliefs to something that is more in alignment with your higher self will bring up a lot of dense energy rooted in many different unprocessed emotions to the point we can feel them in certain areas of our body. For me personally dense emotions always visit my solar plexus, heart chakra then my throat chakra. I take this as insight into areas that are blocked and need healing. That being said Inner work, Inner Work, Inner Work. Decide who you want to be, how you want to show up and start doing that. So the question is "How do you dispel limiting beliefs"?? By doing the thing anyway! Its literally just that simple. Consider your wildest, most potent hearts desire's. ( Sidebar: Women more specifically feminine women are the worlds walking embodiment of desire so connecting to your own isn't difficult, its our birthright). Then think about who is really stopping you from calling that desire in? This takes radical honesty with ourselves and/or our circumstance. When I have these conversations, I always say its not so much that your dreams/desires aren't possible, the question is are you willing to uproot everything that is currently in place (i.e current mindset, habits, energy, toxic relationships/ places; current identity) ; and this can manifest in different ways. But understand you will be uncomfortable. You can first get started by getting very clear on who you want to be. As stated previously the divine feminine is all about presence and being and the feminine journey is a voyage into your inner universe. Meditate on it, pray on it, journal on it. Don’t think about how its going to get done, like I said this will come as your body, mind and soul opens up to new possibilities. (it will actually be easier than you anticipated).

I decided that the topic of limiting beliefs would be my first article for my blog, because the amount of limiting beliefs I had about starting my own brand/ business and just putting my self out their period shook me to my core. I could've written a book on just my limiting beliefs and the intense feelings of imposter syndrome and fear that I was experiencing that felt sooo real. But with loads of inner work and trust in god here I am at the end of my first piece. As one of my mentors would say"Your dreams and desires want you probably even more than you want them". Even writing this statement brings tears of joy to my being. Keep leveling up, keep following your dreams. None of your desires or dreams are too small or big.


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