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10 Savage Feminine Rules that every Woman must know

In a world that often demands women to be gentle, accommodating, and nurturing, embracing your inner savage may seem counterintuitive.

However, it is precisely this unapologetic fierceness that every woman needs to embody in order to navigate the complexities of modern life with authenticity and grace. In this article, explore the rules that personally helped me (and will help you too) reclaim my power, set boundaries, pursue/execute my goals unapologetically, and thrive.

Whether you're striving for professional success, seeking fulfilling relationships, or simply aiming to live life on your own terms, embracing your inner savage is the key to unlocking your full potential and living boldly in a world that often tries to confine women to limited roles and expectations.

Tip #1 - No one and I mean NO ONE will have or keep your best interest at the fore front more than you, simply because they are worried about their own.

This sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. Everyone is in it for the own personal gains/motives. However this doesn’t mean this is a bad thing depending on the person's intentions/ motives. This is where divine alignment comes into play. Your job is ensuring that everything you do and every decision you make is guided by spirit and then through the self discernment of whether it serves you or not. Those who are truly meant to be in your space for the long haul wont mind, and those who do mind don’t need to be in your space. I'm more from the school of no-nonsense and no time wasting, so the quicker you dismiss your self the better it is. LMAOO. Be intentional with the things you want, and don’t play about yourself because it sends a message to universe that the relationships you are manifesting wont play about you neither. People are not your source for your desires or the life that you want to live. You are!

Tip #2 - Never deem any of your desires too big or even too small; don’t put your self in a box, most importantly don’t let society put you in a box.

I've met women from many different walks of live, with that came many different aspirations, life goals, desires, dreams etc. If one of your goals is to become a CEO boss of a multi million dollar empire , do that. If your goal is to be a housewife and stay at home mom, do that. If your dream is to date only men with money, do that. If your dream is to have a plant shop in the middle of no where do that. As long as you're happy and living out your hearts desires. The society that we live in today has a way of putting conditions and limits on what  women should do with their lives and personal timelines (more specifically toxic patriarchy that men and women adhere to). Don’t fall for the hype, From my personal experience the wild/savage feminine doesn’t do well with being locked into one identity for longer than necessary, when this happens usually a more habitual collective is controlling her narrative, and not her spirit. Learn to connect to what truly makes you happy and create that reality for you!

"Failure is a greater teacher than success. Listen, Learn, then go on" – Women who run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Tip #3 - Never and I MEAN NEVER speak on a mans feelings; his perspective on his relationship w/ you or another woman. Do not mother men!

With this being said you are allowed to ask questions to gain deeper clarity, have your own opinions with discernment on whom and when you share them; However don’t speak for him. He will provide you A LOT more intel if/when you close your mouth, open your heart and ears. Remember that when you are speaking with men, ANY man, you have to cultivate the mindset that he is grown and capable and he has the ability to speak and articulate his ideas for himself by himself. Anything outside of his proven capabilities, understand he cant or wont. This is not an invitation for you to play mommy or interpreter. Passive men may be ok with this is in the early stages of the relationship because they lack the wherewithal and the confidence to do it themselves, but eventually this will put you in the energy of the masculine counterpart and being in this energy will burn you out and cultivate an energy of resentment for all parties included.

Tip #4 - Check your Emotions!

I cant stress this enough, please check your emotions . Emotional intelligence is the ability to experience  your emotions on deep levels and still be able to make decisions or communicate from a space that integrates logic and the utilization of your emotions as a guide. Emotional Awareness is the ability to be aware of your emotional state from a moment to moment basis. I cant stress this enough how important emotional intelligence is to your feminity and your level up all around. The ability to have emotional intelligence and discernment will allow you to maneuver some of life's most challenging but most rewarding joys with grace, surrender and flow. I.E Divine Union, a new job, weight loss, upgraded friends/ community, the ability to call in and hold more money. Knowing or identifying your intuitive need to, pause, slow down, maintain the pace, or choose a different route is a million dollar skill.

Tip #5 - Make your mental health, femininity and level up your top priority (and rest/ relaxation your utmost priority)

As stated in the first rule, you are your most profitable investment. Your femininity should come at a cost to no one (read that again). At every level you are ascending  to always ensure that you are doing your inner work. Your inner work is your anchor, your foundation to solidify and hold w/e manifestation that that you have called in. If you haven't prepared for the very thing that you prayed for, yes you will receive it, but if you have not acquired the skills to hold It and expand and thrive within it self sabotage will always follow.(think about the curse of the lottery winners)  Ways that you can do this include, journaling, yin yoga, meditation, soliciting the guidance/ help of a licensed therapist, mentor or life coach. Depending on what stage you are in your feminine journey these people can play pivotal roles in your level up and healing. You level up is your top and upmost responsibility, and will allow you to fully and intentionally show up in the roles that occupy your life.

Tip #6 - Date Up; Hypergamy, Mindset

If you aren't familiar with what hypergamy entails the official definition is the act of marrying or dating someone who has an up-leveled sociological, financial or educational background. This topic for me is very controversial and sensitive for many reasons. (I even considered not touching on this subject), but since I'm passionate about women leveling up and experiencing every thing that this life has to offer, my deepest belief is that hypergamy is one of them. Im going to break this rule down on  a more personal note. Within the last 2 years I've come to the realization that I love money. And to unpack that a bit more, not just what money can provide for me, but the level of freedom and comfort it infuses into my life. Wealth makes me wet. Money is an energy, a very feminine one at. With a healthy balance it flows, it expands and it has the ability to bring the metaphysical (desires, dreams, hopes etc)  into the  3-dimensional plane. So knowing this, and embodying the energy of not only money, but wealth as a standard, why would I date or marry someone who isn't fully embodied in this quality also? I'm going to let that last one sit there.

Tip #7 - Know when to take an "L" and cut your losses (Ego Work)

Nothing is worse than a person who has been defeated who's ego hasn’t allowed them to accept that reality. Being able to get up from the table when you don’t like what's being served is a skill that every women should cultivate. This skill is will absolutely move mountains for you in the dating/relationship market and within the work field because it keeps your energy potent and your stock high. Our ego has a way of only wanting to deal with the "light" aspects of certain situations. This is dangerous for many reasons because we cultivate these blind spots when it comes to the "dark" or what we don’t like or want to realize. Being in the "light" to much will cause you not to learn lessons that were meant to be learned decades ago and keeps us in that viciousness energy of resentment, bitterness and complacency. So when a situation doesn’t serve us anymore, this makes walking away  extra hard, because our ego's gaslit us out of going into that dark space that is crucial for healing and expansion. So with every level and every relationship that you go into make sure that inner and ego work is practiced.  


Tip #8 - Go where your stock is the highest.

One of my mentor's opened my mind up to this idea/exercise. Next time you go to your local discount store (Walmart, dollar store, target etc) pay attention to the cost of water. Probably no more than 2-3 dollars depending on the brand, right? Then go to six flags or Disney land and notice how much the water is there. Anywhere from 6-11 dollars. What is the difference you may ask? The location! The location determines the value of the item. Those who have the mindset and resources can and will. When you go where your stock is the highest there is a more intentional effort poured into you and your experience. Think about going to a prominent school. Post graduation there will be certain opportunities that are available to you. In your day to day endeavors, immerse yourself in experiences that elevate you, where you can meet different people with different perspectives or walks of life. Go to the wealthy areas of town, and just check in with how you feel, tap into your sensually (senses) and identify what comes for you. In dating and relationships pay attention to who treats you with the utmost respect, who listens, who honors your desires and dreams, who is accountable and in turn who holds you accountable. This is where your stock is the most rare and valuable.

Tip #9 - Chase no One !

Simply because it lowers your value. By chasing people this is a one way ticket into informing them that they have complete precedence over your actions and emotions. People are not your source of your desires and happiness, you are (as stated earlier in this article). This is not to say that you are above apologizing or taking responsibility when you are truly in the wrong. However even with that there is no need to chase anything or anyone. 9 times out of 10 you aren't really chasing the actual person, you are actually running away from something within you that you don’t know how to face and heal. In extreme cases people will utilize the power that they have over you to manipulate the situation to their advantage. I've seen many situations where men and women will use the "silent treatment" to gain leverage over the situation by keeping you in state of panic while they present as the more controlled/rational counter part. BULLSHIT. Remember this ladies! Silent treatment = free time, when it comes to toxic relationships and especially with men. Do you and always stay in your lane.

Tip # 10 - Move in Silence!

As I maneuvered through my feminine journey one of my masculine/ hubby role models slowly started to become Jay Z, not just because of his billionaire bag, or because of his rags to riches story, and him being this world renowned entertainer/ business man. But because of his calm yet intoxicatingly powerful and sexy presence. Real confidence doesn’t scream, or beg for attention. Power and presence is an energy , patience/restraint (especially for men in today's society) is devotion to ones purpose, and to have discernment on when and how to drop gems or share certain parts of your mindset is a skilled virtue, that not many know how to or have mastered. As we go through life and aspire to expand and then elevate, there are limiting beliefs that constantly need to worked through at every stage. Speaking prematurely about your goals to the masses who don’t have the consciousness to see anything of that magnitude possible is only going to cause you double the energetic work on maneuvering their limiting beliefs and your own when it comes to your goals. Usually this comes from a deeper wound of not really wanting it or feeling like you cant have it unless you convince those outside of you. From his "Blow the Whistle" freestyle Jay raps " We let the money do the talking, as you see we be talking rather often". From the moment I heard this, it just made sense. Literally all of your most potent hearts desires manifested in this 3-dimensional world will give the loudest and most heartfelt  FUCK YOU to anyone who ever played you or had doubts about your bag. 

All in All

That being said these are my rules that i choose to live by and my personal blueprint.

In my personal opinion every women should cultivate a savage side that keeps her not only ahead of the game but the most desired in the room.

Comment below your thoughts.

Need help implementing these rules?

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