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Up Close and Personal

Our Motto:

"Turn off your Brain & let your Heart do the talking"

- Creed 2


The Sensual Woman, LLC, founded in 2023 is the modern feminine lifestyle brand and feminine coaching company founded to inspire women entering & in their 30's to-live alignment, cultivate peace, self love & confidence  in order to reach the highest of heights on their personal feminine reconnection journeys through the power of feminine culture, feminine education, feminine relaxation & leisure, and by incorporating a soft feminine space by focusing on feminine development.



Ari is a femininity influencer, content creator, womanhood/personal development  educator, thought leader, and founder behind the The Sensual Woman Company, and the ever growing lifestyle brand, Diary of a Sensual Woman: All Social Platforms dedicated to improving the lives of women who are tired of being masculine and burnt out and in relationships that are damaging. A graduate of Pace University with a Degree in Education, Ari resides in New York City.



The Sensual Woman is an Online Feminine Coaching Community where  like minded women can learn exclusive feminine practices in the realm of feminine development, alignment, sophistication, polished etiquette, health & wellness dating/relationships, courting, and actionable advice on how to both THRIVE and live a top tier feminine life! If you're a woman who's interested in learning how to become the ultimate Feminine Woman, Then the The Sensual Woman is for You! 

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