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Women in Bodysuit

that cultivates healing & ignites your feminine spirit


How it works:

Mini-Mentorship is a 30 day journey into your feminine spirit and promulgates tangible shifts in your relating to your womanly qualities (i.e receptivity/ intuition), the divine and the masculine.


You will have intimate access to Ari for 1 month  including 3 deep dive calls, which can shift stagnant energy thus allowing:

  • Feeling at peace with your past and present, then creating new ways of relating to life, the divine and men

  • Restoring your relationship with trust

  • Awakening your sensuality (feeling body)

  • Igniting your magnetism and receptivity to the joys of life, love, men, money and manifestations

  • Learning how to slow down and be present with your feminine energy so that you can experience more bliss and flow thus giving from your overflow.

  • Awakening to the creational potency of your feminine

  • Cultivating your inner masculine (which ultimately deepens the relationship you have with yourself)


Mini Mentorship is for you if:

  • You're curious to know what it would be like to work with Ari in a deeper 1:1 or group container

  • You intuitively know that you have to establish some boundaries but not sure how to

  • You wish to begin identifying the areas in your life where you self sabotage

  • You are burnt out and desire flow

  • Wish to drastically shift your reality to something that is more in alignment

  • You wish to regain a deep inner trust and knowing in relation to men

  • You want to deepen you receptivity so that you are able to connect to your desires & creativity

  • You want to begin the path to healing after your breakup and cultivate relationships through alignment and not fear or lack

  • You want to expand your feminine 


Hey Beauty!
My name is Ari

Im a Feminine Reconnection & Inner Work Coach

and the creator of the

Mini Feminine 1:1 Mentorship ​


I designed this program to take you from burnt out, insecure

& codependent in your relationships,

disconnected from your feminine energy and in survival mode

to confident, aligned with your divine flow,

in relationships where you feel safe and cherished and

living that #softlife that you only imagined all in 30 days.


Because i GET it. I know you're beautiful, intelligent, talented and work

extremely hard to hold your life, and relationships together.

But i also know that you are TIRED!


-Tired of being and looking burnt out​


-Tired of every other women attracting  their desires with ease and living that #softlife​


-Tired of feeling like you put more into your relationships then you get back​


-Tired of being disconnected from your body/spirit not knowing what you want​


-Tired of overthinking, not speaking up and not knowing how

and when to assert boundaries that keep you feeling protected​


-Tired of not having your dream body.​


In other words i know what your'e going through

because i've been there for the majority of my life. 

This process helped me begin the process of
healing my insecurities to become
The Truth is....

My glow up and the confidence i have shouldn't be possible or attainable. According to society and some of my old friends " i was damaged goods and old"It shouldn't have been possible for a women at the brink of her 30's to leave a toxic relationship walk away from unfulfilling friendships, heal relational and childhood wounds to then go on to find the true definition of inner peace, self love, confidence and true alignment, weight loss, and an overabundance of attention from men. Let alone start a successful coaching business, be in relationships that are in alignment with my values, a strong community of like minded women who inspire me everyday and self love that runs on a deep spiritual level. But it was possible.... because i followed this process

What you receive:

  •  Three 90 minutes coaching calls with Ari at the beginning and end of the month

  •  One 35 minute mid check in call

  •  a resetting of your feminine core

  • 7 weekdays of transitional support via text message

  • One customized practice to awaken your feminine channels and dearmour your heart and womb

  • A simple integration plan for your moving forward after day the 30 days


This mentorship opportunity is
NOT for you if:

  • Your only concern is getting attention from and /or trying to manipulate men

  • You find new ways or reasons to remain in unhealthy relational dynamics (including the relationship with yourself)

  • You are unwilling to take responsibility for your current circumstance and over identify with victimhood

  • You are not ready to take aligned action that coincide with your desires/goals

  • You are aren't ready to let go of certain experiences

  • You aren't willing to forgive

  • You have a fixed and pessimistic mindset

  • You don't like to be uncomfortable

This mentorship is about creating a life in alignment to your desires and values through deep healing inner work and nurturing your feminine energy.

This process is not only going to be deeply spiritual, and definitely allows you moments of rest and reflection and loads of juicy insights.

There are also moments that require you to take aligned action that will get you closer to manifesting your dreams.

Throughout the duration of this process you will literally be shedding an old skin of the habits

and mindsets that are no longer in alignment with where you're going and believe it or not that process can

be a (at times) scary and an uncomfortable one. Honor and be honest with where you are in your journey, and if

any of the the above points resonate with you i strongly suggest that

you seek talk therapy. And i promise i will be holding

an energtic space for us to connect when timing is right.


What are the mentorship options and investment?

There are multiple mentorship options:

3 or 6 months

2-3 calls per month

This container is a 4-figure investment

with payment plans & financing options available.


If this price range is out of your budget,

I offer mini-mentorships.

See "mini mentoship" on Linktree homepage.

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